Youth Tech Solution has worked on several projects aimed at achieving our vision and mission. Some of the projects that we are undertaking include the following:

As a community-based company, we are always open to partnerships with private and public entities from Tanzania and outside Tanzania.

Feel free to support our efforts in any form. Please fill out the form below; our dedicated team will contact you for further discussion.

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Innovation Bootcamps

We organize regular boot camps for young people interested in learning about innovation and technology. Our boot camps offer training on topics such as coding, app development, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.
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We organize hackathons to challenge young people to come up with innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. We provide mentorship and support throughout the hackathon to help participants turn their ideas into real-world solutions.
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Internship Programs

We offer internships to young people looking to gain practical experience in the tech industry. Our internship program offers training on industry-specific skills, teamwork, and communication.
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Mentorship Programs

We provide mentorship to young people interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry. Our mentorship program offers guidance and support in areas such as personal development, career planning, and entrepreneurship.
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Innovation Challenges

We organize innovation challenges that allow young people to showcase their creative and problem-solving skills. Our innovation challenges are designed to encourage teamwork, critical thinking, and collaboration.
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