Youth Tech Solution

Brenda Kilevo

Technical Director & Program Coordinator

Holds a bachelor of science in Geo-informatics from the University of Dodoma in the year 2021. recently a graduate of Certificate of Drone and Data Academy from Malawi University of Science and Technology thus a Certified Drone Pilot. Also a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in the EdTech industry. As a Technical Director, always responsible for overseeing the technical operations of the company and ensuring the delivery of high-quality educational technology solutions. I’m a Program Coordinator, managing programs that are aimed at promoting education and technology and ensuring that the programs run smoothly and effectively.

My Experience

My passion for education and technology has led me to explore the intersection between the two, and I am excited to continue making a positive impact in the field, using my expertise and experience to help others succeed.

Qualification & Experience

  • Technical Director in the EdTech industry
  • Program Coordinator
  • Project Planning
Technical Director in the EdTech industry
Program Coordinator
Project Planning